LIFE OF RILEY, by Samuel Solomon

Part personae, part lyric, part lyric personae part purple limerick part sun.

a killing gesture

shapes its own world


i’ve measured them from night to night:

tiny ponds of splooge gleam in hawk-stripped light

In this series of red shouts, misremembered lyrics and culture
skimmings, Samuel Solomon offers a poetics of conviction: language
bumped and rigorous, tampered by gavels but still boisterous in ‘the
shadow of our right’.  ‘These are not tactics raised to principles. /
Every good poem is a transitional demand’.  Taken as a set of analects
‘in the interest of positions sometimes happy’, Solomon’s Life of
Riley offers both a serious engagement with the ludicrous what-is and
a flicker of its opposite: resisting eviction from public space, the
territorialism of capital, and the plunge out of affect into the trap
of concepts, these are poems to lean on. - Andrea Brady

The smash and clash of discourses buzz across these fully occupied
pages, from rant to camp, from sotto voce to shout in the street, where
“Every good poem is a transitional demand.”  They come in from the
parks and off the screens, but not without lyric shelters deeply earned. 
These are voices, many and singular, that are urgent to be heard. 
Listen in. - David Lloyd

These are £5 / $8 + p&p. [24pp.  ISBN978-0-9567743-4-7]
Cover image by Lee Triming.


Rich Owens, Samuel Solomon, His Life of Riley
Samuel Solomon, Reading at the Sussex Poetry Festival 2012

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